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Welcome to the TechExplorer service information page.

We are premier providers of Engineering and IT solutions, with our biggest love in the following fields:

* Embedded software development - C & SVN

* Linux software development - C, C++, Perl - doing stuff like : sockets, posix threads, serial comms, hw interfacing - more the stuff running in the background, than fancy user interfaces in the foreground

* Industrial automation and control - very rusted plc ladder programming


Currently busy with:

* Getting up to speed with iFIX HMI

* Drafting of Control and Instrumentation wiring loops - using ePLAN


In the past we have worked on the following and can brush op again on these skills with minimal effort - as we understand the underlying theory!

* Visual Studio, mainly C++ and some VB on Windows

* Delphi for Windows, and Kylix for Linux

* Access and SQL with ER modelling DB programming

* Surveying using Total Station and GPS

* Processing surveying data using Stardust

* Processing surveying data into CAD drawing files with PERL

* 2D CAD design

* Irrigation design, from pump selection, to mother line, to electrical cabling right through to putting the drop of water on the ground, for the plant root


For more information or to schedule a personal interview, please contact us either via email at You may also call us at 083 337 9429

We look forward to serving you.


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