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How it started


The IT side started with one of the most amazing little computers built : Jack Tramielís Commodore 64 with Simonís Basic extensions to Microsoftís Basic. It had 30kB of RAM available, 320X200screen with 4 colours out of 16, 3 voices on its sound interface, an 8bit wide bi-directional interface - all protected by a fuse if your electronic circuit shorted something - no problem as there were plenty of fuses available in town, only a brisk 17km away with bicycle


The Electronics side started with Tree of Knowledge science experimentation kit and  Archimedes Produkte and later progressed to the Gakken Denshi EX150 . . . .


The Astronomical side started with the Celestron C8 and clear bushveld skies


The Mechanical side got off the ground with LEGO & LEGO Technical Sets, with plenty of real world examples on the farms of our youth where we grew up. JC Bamford and Wolseley single cylinder stationary engines, Massey and Ford Tractors, hammer mills, Rapid Allweiler power heads, Centre Pivots - and last but not least the @#$%#$#@ 50cc motorbike . . .


The Business side started whilst operating a cash register in Dorsland Bottelstoor


Exited about the future, with things like LEGO Robotics, Linux Kernel & GCC, TCP/IP, Raspberry PI!!

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