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About Us


For us it was always about the dream of:

 “Defining the Bleeding Edge of Technology”

We were fortunate a few times in our lives to step over the edge of the canyon of existing technology, and experience the sides of the canyon walls rushing up to meet our feet underneath as we stepped into the void - and define technology that the rest of the world would only see decades years later

Amazed during the whole process as we saw glimpses of the ULTIMATE Technology as it had already been defined millennia ago

But hugely disappointed as we came to the conclusion that what we had thought was Bleeding Edge was merely like an ox wagon next to a space shuttle of ULTIMATE Technology.


Till the dream changed, and we realized it was not about us “Defining the Bleeding Edge of Technology”, but rather that there is awesome TECHNOLOGY already defined as used by the CREATOR of the universe we live in, and that HE takes delight when we act as EXPLORERS of the universe and it’s technology, and in the process discover more of HIM!


“To be a TECHNOLOGY EXPLORER that boldly goes where no man has gone before”


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